Greek Mythic Dreamers nearing completion

Ceiling paintings

There are many parts of this complex painting that needs completion, The overall design is more or less finished, but many aesthetic and philosophical considerations are now posing questions.

Uranus covers Gaia

In this detail of the left corner of the painting, Gaia is painted as a female figure made of the earth and all the things that grow on the earth. This border merges into the sea on the right.

You can see the figure of Uranus covering over the upper part, reaching for the embrace, the unwelcome embrace.

When the war is over between the Titans and the Gods the awful 50 headed monster that Uranus rejected was given the task of guardian of the underworld, hence the many arms and many faces of the hekatonkheire beneath the primal Goddess.

Here you can see more of the transition from rock and vegetation into sea (Pontus). The figure between the face of gaia and uranus is another Titan given the job of keeping the earth and the sky separated.

Chaos is in the outer corners, from which the elemental forms of earth and sky begin the story.