Origin of the face

Ceiling paintings, Fusion paintings

This drawing of a Liverpool Docker was made a few years ago.

Here is a rough sketch of a possible layout of the next panel.

The fused painting of the rabbai the priest and the mullah are the heart of the picture, with a surrounding border of images that make the 12’x6′ panel to fill bay 2. There is a window protrusion in this bay for the design to accommodate, chopping off a length of the bottom border.

I’m currently thinking of a panorama of Jerusalem along the top border, with the wailing wall, the church of the holy sepulchre and the dome of the rock above the appropriate figure.

To the left some abstract motifs, to the right maybe some stories they share.

The calligraphy, Hebrew Greek and Arabic will feature in the decoration on the figures.

Panel 3

Fusion paintings

The third panel to be painted is intended to follow the gobekli type mythic dreamer that is already in place above the entrance, following a loose chronology.

Like the previous painting the central section of this painting will be based on a fusion painting, where two 4′ by 4′ paintings have been fused by cutting both paintings on the same grid and gradually swopping parts to produce a single 8’x4′ panel. In this new panel a third figure has been inserted to make a group of three figures.

I have mounted this new composite image on a wall prior to development in the same bay as the last picture.

My intention is to add border panels around this new fusion to produce an image that explores the world view of the semitic religions.

I intend to adapt these three figures to represent a rabbi, a monk and a mullah and will explore the family relationship between these three religions.

All three figures have been derived from a single original image, and that came from a drawing made a few years ago.

The process of fusing the images has introduced an interesting variety to the faces that I will exploit in the final picture.

The priest

The mullah

And the rabbai.

Panel 2 paused for reflection

Fusion paintings

I must leave this panel alone and live with it awhile. The sleeping figure in the centre, holding his box of tricks, is beginning to look a little like Freud. Perhaps Neitzsche  should be woven into the complex mass, Wagner too, Marx. Dreams of the superman pervaded the last century. Destiny was all.

Yesterday I cleared a space for the next project, which will continue a loose theme for the panels on the ceiling. Each figure is a dreamer, a mythic dreamer, dreaming the myths of their different cultures. The first panel is the mythic dreamer of Gubekli Tepe, and the last has been exploring the dreams of the 20th century.

I have in mind to explore the semitic, monotheistic doctrinaire mythic dreamers, so that the rabbi, the monk and the mullah will appear together, surrounded by their convergent texts and transmuting images and pattern. Like the previous painting I have a base to work on, using a fusion painting created earlier.