The abstract God,

Ceiling paintings, Fusion paintings

These last few days have been busy with working on the three figures at the centre of the painting. I now have a fairly good idea of their appearance. Now I am trying to get deeper into their minds.

The rabbi has been further developed, with a diagram of the star of David behind him.

The Christian is seen against the background of a great rose window. I am still evolving the decorative detail in this design, but my observation has been that the characteristic decoration of three circles within, or being touched by a fourth larger circle, is a symbol of the trinitarian concept of the godhead that christianity has evolved as a result of endless church councils meeting to hammer out a doctrine that is acceptable to the roman emperor and the majority of his citizens.

The pattern behind the Arab is still being developed. You can see the tack i’m taking. The intricate pattern found throughout Islamic art reaches its zenith in the pattern inside the dome of many mosques. Many of these ceilings contain calligraphy at their centre, but mostly the clear abstract beauty of mathematics was used by these philosopher/architects to represent their concept of deep universal truths.