Panel 2 paused for reflection

Fusion paintings

I must leave this panel alone and live with it awhile. The sleeping figure in the centre, holding his box of tricks, is beginning to look a little like Freud. Perhaps Neitzsche  should be woven into the complex mass, Wagner too, Marx. Dreams of the superman pervaded the last century. Destiny was all.

Yesterday I cleared a space for the next project, which will continue a loose theme for the panels on the ceiling. Each figure is a dreamer, a mythic dreamer, dreaming the myths of their different cultures. The first panel is the mythic dreamer of Gubekli Tepe, and the last has been exploring the dreams of the 20th century.

I have in mind to explore the semitic, monotheistic doctrinaire mythic dreamers, so that the rabbi, the monk and the mullah will appear together, surrounded by their convergent texts and transmuting images and pattern. Like the previous painting I have a base to work on, using a fusion painting created earlier.