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Fragments of Devon

Cover image of book by Bernard BarnesThe catalogue to accompany the exhibition of paintings and drawings by Bernard Barnes completed in 2017. The catalogue contains 24 works with descriptions connected with each one. The works are also displayed on this website. The book is full colour (matt), 8.5″ square, 64 pages.

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The Captives of the Cosmic Web

Cover image Captives of the Cosmic Web by Bernard BarnesThe catalogue consists of a description and images of the large wall painting in St John’s Hall Gallery, Barmouth in North Wales. The work has been painted by Bernard Barnes. It is composed of 24 oil on canvas paintings. The piece is a modern cosmology, exploring different ideas about the origin of the universe and the place of the human world in it. It is a celebration of rational thought.

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City as Superorganism

This book is written by an artist about science. It describes the ideas of the City as Superorganism as a lifelong obsession that has led the author to develop a series of paintings and drawings related to the subject that are used as illustrations throughout the work. The text of the work explores the way in which a city may be described as an organism.

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The Cat Who Said Woof

Cover image of The Cat Who Said Woof by Bernard BarnesThe story of a little cat who found that it could not say meow and could only say woof. The story is of self discovery as the cat gradually woke up to the fact that it was in fact a dog. The discovery is gradual, with repetitive phrases accompanied by bold and beautiful images. It is expected to be of interest to children up to the age of 7, and thereafter.

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Travels with an Environmentally Friendly Puppet (Also  contains ‘Visit to the Holy Mountain’ a Journey to Magista Lavra in Greece)

Cover image of Travels with and Environmentally Friendly Puppet by Bernard Barnes

Travels with an environmentally friendly puppet describes travels in France and the Benelux countries in an old van, running on free fuel from restaurants, with a group of puppets who danced while the author made music.

The Visit to the Holy Mountain section, also included in this paperback, describes a visit by the author in 1981 to Mount Athos, in particular the ancient monastery Magistra Lavra. The ancient Byzantine region is home to many old monasteries, and remains a region totally forbidden to females of any species. Buy on Amazon

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