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“ Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it .” Goethe

"Was für Sie tun oder träumen können, dass Sie können, es beginnen. Unerschrockenheit hat Genie, Macht und Magie darin."

Latest Work
Here is a playlist of interesting videos
Gallery Playlist.
This Playlist shows the sequence of videos taken during the OpenDay on August 20th

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Playlist 2

Playlist 1


Jasper Elgood. Talk 3
On War
Sound only
Click here

Thursday August 7th 7.30pm
Talking to Each Other
why is there more than one self?

Talk 1 Click here
Talk 2 Click Here


Latest Painting

Barnes is still at work on the first panel of Mythic Dreamers. This is work up to December 2nd.


Mythic Dreamer of Gobekli Tepe

oil on board
Click for larger image

Talks about individual paintings by the artist
In this section the artist will talk about a particular painting in the present exhibition.
Activities in the gallery and surrounding area

Many of the visitors to the gallery are talented and creative people. Sometimes they leave messages in the visitors book, at other times they make contact with someone in the gallery, and we make a video to record that occasion or contribution. These events will be added here to the page.

Ian Bourne talks about his drawings and a recent exhibition in New York


Paul Butler and Linda James, artists who have a studio near Welshpool, talk about a mural project they have been working on

Alexandra from Sweden does some hip hop dancing without music

Alexandra Cook, a Russian artist, spends an atelier day with us in the gallery.

Dai Morgan tells us of a sculptural project he was recently involved in

John Kanyon an artist from Truro talks about his work

Graham Goldsac talks about an ancient myth

David Williams explains why we must oppose the signing of the TTIP trade agreement

Pete Insoul talks about his long connections with Barmouth and the Illustrated book he is working on

Liz from Aberystwyth talks about her work as an archivist

Frank Reece and Mel Sheenan talk about the decline in social realism in art and literature as a result of the predominance of acstract expressionism
Christine Island from Norwich comments on the gallery
James brings his family from Shanghai to visit the gallery and comments on the collection
Barry Lim sings 'The Circle Closes', his own composition, in the gallery
Roy from Llwyngwril revisits the gallery and comments on the changes
Gaynor from the BBC visits the gallery
A few videos made during the first evening of Harlech Biennale XI held in Harlech Theatre
'Synchronicity' by composer Rastoropov and Visual Artist Andrew Smith, shown at the first Saturday of the Harlech Biennale XI
Owain Pritchard shows us around the tower, with an introduction by Rev Kevin Horsefield
Owain Pritchard shows us around the organ in St Johns Church Barmouth
The Old Wrecks recorder ensemble perfrorm in the hall
Consort XII by Henry VIII performed on violin and recorder
Martin from Oxford talks about terraforming and walking around the coast of Britain
Sabastian from Cornwall talks about the artist Alex Grey
Gwynfor Morris sings 'No Banker left behind'

Charlie Potatoe sings about Churchill's Black Dog
( Charlie tells me that in 6 weeks time he will have a fleeting part in Coronation Street - 2nd week in November)

Andy Wicket, Julia and Barry Lim perform on the stage
Donna sings 'There'll be no crying'
Ian Russell shows how the custard factory exploded
Suzy's wonderful Puppet
Bernard Young performs during the Open Day
Nitin Sawhney from New York talks about his film 'Flying Paper'
Jabi a singer songwriter from Spain visits the gallery
Frank Cleary talks about the university course he will be starting in September, and the way the gallery has inspired him
An interview with the artist Sonja Benskin-Mesher
Jan Wolf Introduces her writing workshop on August 28th
Bernard Young talks about the Poetry Workshops on August 18th


A Friend of the Gallery 'Shards of Reason' is publishing a new album.
This track 'Shell Island' is just a taster


Big time Charlie Potatoe visits the gallery to sing a sad song


Barry Lim demonstrates the Chinese Lion we will use on the Open Day
Tenzin Lee introduces us to a few of his pictures


Liz Perry Visits the Gallery and talks about the London Road Festival that she co-organizes


Steve Iles talks about his stepfather Gael Turnball the poet. Steve also expresses some interesting opinions about environmental energy production


Denise from the Nederlands, co organiser of the Nick Drake Festival, sings us a Dutch song


Alex from Christchurch University talks about his work as a sound artist


Ben Herben an art student at Goldsmiths College visits the gallery


Brian Powel from the forest of Dean talks about their unusual local accent


Recorder Practise July 2nd


An introduction to the Theatre of the Oppressed


Mark and his son Paul return to the gallery

Eloise and Mark visitied the gallery again

Hugh Roberts
looks in at the studio. He tells of his long connection with the town, and with the area. Since his retirement he has built up a unique archived website of old photographs of the town.

Robert from London is concerned by the population explosion
Robert Daniel is a poet from London.  
Landscape Artist Rob Pointon visits the gallery
This artist talks about his work as a landscape artist, in particular his large panoramic paintings and drawings.

June 18, 2014
The Recorder Group

This group does not yet have a name, but it is coelescing into something that sometimes sounds very nice. We play a variety of music ranging from medieval, tudor, courtly, classical and modern. We play 4 instruments, I, Bernard play a descant recorder, Gwynfor plays a tenor and Jan plays alto and sometimes bass. Each Wednesday we meet to practise in the hall, and welcome anyone who would like to come and listen.

Jane Thomason plays in the gallery

The Gallery was visited this afternoon by Jane Thomason and her husband.
She agreed to allow us to record a couple of pieces, written by herself.
The recording below is of her song 'the red man in the sky'. We are having trouble posting our videos, it will be solved with time.
Jane has come to singer-songwriting from a strange rout, via an academic approach to music, and an eclectic ear. As I listened to her accompanying a high song with perfect diction (for her songs are poems) underneath I hear complex contemporary/ Jazz like chords. I am reminded of Poulanc or Debussy. In only 4 years since she took up the classical guitar has she forged a new career for herself, and she is performing widely. Her new album 'September Road' is about to be released, and we will have some copies available in the gallery.

Recorders on June 12th
An outbreak of spontaneous dancing
Karen Cropper talks about Grayson Perry


News of Current Exhibition

The Gallery is now open each day from 11-5

The current exhibition shows the work of Reyna Rushton and Bernard Barnes, the current artists in residence.

Some work by visiting artists can be seen.

Free Entrance

In the Gallery this Sprint

The Gallery is still open from 11-5

New Exhibitions opening this year

Work by


Opens Saturday May 23rd


Every Thursday is Altelier day when we invite other artists to drop an and work with us, or share the space and the ambiance of the hall.

On Sundays from 2 - 4 the recorder group meets, playing a wide variety of early music. Visitors to sit and listen are welcome. Why not look and listen while you look around?

Tom Bond a student from CAT talks about the questionairre he is organising comparing the attitude of local people to those elsewhere about climate change.


Jane Chapman talks about the project she is working on about Ernest Hamer


An interview with Rob Perry, artist from the midlands


Recently the gallery was visited by Hakim, a Moroccan Art teacher. We made this video of him teaching simple arabic caligraphic skills, including the making of the pen and the mixing of the ink.





A brief look around Sasha's Exhibition

Gallery Blog

Art New RSS Feed

Gallery Tweets


Notes from the new owner of the hall

Dear visitor,

it is a pleasure to me to introduce St. John´s Hall to you– a centre for the creative mind.

A lot of people volunteered and gave money to preserve this hall in its original beauty, and to re-open it as a space for public meeting. It was created as a sacred space, but also as a place for a living community, for dancing and singing. And now it has become a space of stimulation, contemplation, creation (forming new ideas), meditation, discussion, elaboration, conversation, consideration, and debate.

This year is The year of the gallery .

In Bernard Barnes´and Reyna Rushton´s work you may discover concepts, emotions, evolvements of both a loving and a critical spirit.

You may face an encounter between religiosity and natural sciences – one of the greatest debates of our time and our society. I feel, it´s worth to debate those issues, even in a painstaking manner, because we need respect for both of the approaches.

You may be able to watch the evolution of the human mind from the first living cell that ever existed, to the complexity of the city as a superorganism.

You may take your time and attention during your staying with the artwork surrounding you. If you feel stimulated by this environment, and wish to share something coming from your own creativity please don´t hesitate to contact Bernard. You may contribute a note, a painting. Eventually your mind wishes to contribute by a performance of music, singing, dancing. Whatever comes into your mind will be welcome, and taken serious. Bernard may even record it for the homepage.

Bernard will keep up for us on this website. We are very interested what comes up in people´s mind breathing and moving in this gallery.

We want this space to become filled with creativity, as it is already filled with a very human spirit.

with kind regards,

Dipl.-Psych. Harald Gassner

Psychotherapist, mediator, member of town council in Vaihingen/Enz, SW-Germany

and part-time curator of this exhibition.

9 70 42/96 03 11,

Tel . 0049 70 42/96 03 10, Fax 004



A new video attempting to describe the wall.
This will run in the gallery as a looped presentation

Gallery Showcase
Prints are available of all the paintings

Rain over Penrhyn (click for larger image)

oil on canvas


Blood Market in Athens

Oil on Board 4' 4'

Liverpool Docker 4' X 4' Oil on board - £1200

Portrait of Paul Nash wartime artist

oil on board

4' X 4'


Portrait of Samuel Becket

oil on board 4' 4'


Meritate (daughter of Nefititi)

This print of a painting sold some years ago

is available, printed on canvas, mounted on a frame.


Portrait of Wilfred Owen

Oil on canvas



print on canvas £350

Self Portrait

oil on canvas


Richard the first Part I

oil on canvas





Decomposing Man

Print on canvas


Helium I

Print on Canvas

£ 350

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